So I got my result for my Studio unit. I have passed!! ^_^

The next half of the trimester is for working on a group project to increase skills and the overall grade.

Just finished pre-ordering Pokemon and Super Smash Bros ^_^

Since they are several months in advance, it’s like getting a present from myself.


This was a collaborative work. Mine section was the last part starting from the jump down to the stairs. Once everyone had finished their animations, they gave me the rendered .png sequence for me to cut this together. I then edited it in Premier Pro. Well done everyone!

Check out the others Eve, maddiqantmblog and azamatqantm for their breakdown (or reblog with your comments guys).

This was one of my group projects. It turned out pretty well. Originally it was much longer but we realised that the scope was too big for the time frame we had.

Woo! derlaine sent out her Loki Book invoices ^_^

Soon *touches screen* soon

rickisrude replied to your post “I’ve been trying to find some elevator music for a project. For an…”

where have you been looking at? try if you’re in the mood to dig

Ah thanks ^_^ I did find some music on newgrounds, but not exactly what I was looking for, also another place. I’ll check it out :)

I’ve been trying to find some elevator music for a project.

For an hour!!!


Well I did get some good stuff I guess *stares wistfully into the distance*


It’s not uploaded yet because Vimeo is weird that way. Come back in 40 minutes.

The run down was film it. Import into After FX. Use Warp Stablize. Render the first frame and put that into the background in 3DS Max. I then set up the camera and animated the supplied rig.

After that was done, I got some help from Stephen for the lighting and shadows. I then rendered it out with Mental Ray (roughly 5 3/4 hours).

Back to After FX I used the Tracking window to make a 2D Tracking and then attached that to a null layer. I imported the animation and parented it to the null. Lastly I made two masks in the animated layer for the cars.

Once I exported it as a .png sequence I put it into Premier Pro to have a look at before I need to edit it into the group composition.

Since it had been a long time since I’d used tracking and masks I had a look at some video tutorials. They were very helpful and made it more enjoyable.

After Effects CS6 Tutorial #01: Masking

After Effects CS6 Tutorial #02: 2D Tracking

Videocopilot: Motiontracking

The third one was especially helpful as I didn’t know about the Tracking Window and was futilely trying to find tracking in the effects window. orz

Some technical skills I’ve been learning :)

One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting much as well.

ahem ahem


hello dearest friends Im gonna try and do commissions again~

this post is an overview of what styles I am offering- read my commissions form for details


Character: a single full body character illustration starting at $26

  • flat color illustration $22
  • add another character +$12
  • simple backgrounds and/or decoration +$8 (1 / 2)
  • examples 1 / 2 / 3


Lineless: a small single character illustration starting at $14

  • add another character +$6
  • examples 1 / 2 / 3


Environment: *experimental landscape painting starting at $18

  • dimensions are 900x850 pixels
  • examples here

if you are interested, fill out the form previously mentioned. requests sent through tumblr will be ignored because they are difficult to organize. any questions can be sent to this tumblr and will be answered publicly. 

thanks for reading! 

My friend is very talented! Go commission them as a gift for someone (or yourself) :)

I just lost it watching one of today’s Rooster Teeth just now.

Literal tears, I couldn’t speak when someone asked me what I was watching. It took at least 2 minutes.

10/10 would do again.