Hahaha. Well if you do, check under here :)

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Second batch came out a little better, mostly due to the fact I made the size smaller :D

Not too bad for the first time subbing an ingredient. I think I may need to change the margarine and sugar ratio though. It’s just not as puffed up and firm as the usual flour makes it.

Tastes good.

The mixture is very smooth. It reminds me of mousse. Pics shortly. Now to add the choc chips ^_^

Making gluten free choc chip cookies. So far, so good. The flour reminds me of icing sugar in it’s look. Very small grains. Can’t wait to eat one when it’s out of the oven ^_^

Is this a graphic novel or …?

It’s a webcomic with animated parts and has been turned into a graphic novel. Check it out, it’s really nice :)

Already nearly eaten up :D

Already nearly eaten up :D

A success :)

My dad decided to eat the first piece and said it was good.

I tried one. A little gooey still. But once it cools down it’ll be much firmer. I think it would be good as a type of pudding, with ice-cream, yogurt or custard when it’s still warm.

All in all, not a bad mixture as a gluten free product.

Just waiting for it to cool down and harden a bit now :) It looks very fluffy and a bit sponge cakey, so we’ll see what the texture is like.

I’m baking gluten free chocolate brownies. The left over mixture tastes alright. We’ll see how it turns out in 20 minutes ^_^